‘Göatter Dämmerung’ War Goats Released by Skirmisher!

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing is pleased to announce its release of the Göatter Dämmerung, a set of downloadable Cardstock CharactersTM war goat miniatures that are compatible with any tabletop or roleplaying games! This set is available by itself at DriveThruRPG and WargameVault for just 99¢ and as part of a special 50% off “Ragnarok: Age of Wolves” Bundle

"Göatter Dämmerung" contains seven different figures, including three fearsome war goat leaders, a regular war goat, and three goat riders. It also includes horizontally-flopped versions of six of the figures, for a total of 13 different miniatures, and 14 copies of the regular war goat. 

These miniatures by fantasy artist Amanda Kahl​ are ideal for any sort of tabletop fantasy RPG or wargame and are especially suitable for game developer Clint Staples​' bestselling Ragnarok: Age of Wolves tabletop game.