‘City Builder’ Platinum Edition Update #51: Print Files Accepted!

Michael O. Varhola

We are glad to see that so many people have been enjoying the complete Platinum Edition of City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities since we released the full PDF version of it last month! We also appreciate the positive comments in response to the updated PDF files for it that we released a couple of weeks ago, which included us enabling the Layers feature and providing a reduced-size version of the book. We have, in the meantime, been staying busy at our end and wanted to update you on the latest news related to this project. 

* DriveThruRPG/OneBookShelf has accepted the files we submitted to them for a print edition of City Builder! They will be sending us a physical proof of the book to review and, if there are no issues with it that we need to address, we will immediately make the print edition of the book available and send backers who will be receiving it instructions on how to obtain it. We will keep you posted. 

++ We initially planned to provide this book with the “standard color” option offered by DriveThruRPG/OneBookShelf but, in response to customer requests, will now also be providing it in “premium color.” So, depending on their preferences, backers will now be able to obtain either or even both versions of the book. 

* City Builder author Michael O. Varhola has just finished writing the base entry for the In the Footsteps of Hercules bonus companion book to City Builder that backers will be receiving! This writeup is a detailed, 10,000-word treatment of a Pilgrimage Trail, one of the new sorts of places that appears in the Platinum Edition of City Builder, and as soon our artists finish a cover illustration and regional map for it we will release and make it available to backers. We will then update the files for it as we complete and add the dozen other specific places and the maps and images associated with them, and customers who obtain the initial version of the book will automatically receive the updated files associated with it. 

Thanks! We very much hope you are enjoying City Builder and are getting the most out of all the hard work we have put into it, and know you will love In the Footsteps of Hercules when we release it shortly. We would love to hear about things in it you particularly like or have found to be especially useful and how you are drawing upon it in the creation of your settings, scenarios, and places. 

Seen here is fantasy artist Amanda Kahl’s initial sketch of a cover image for the In the Footstep of Hercules companion book.