‘City Builder’ Platinum Edition Update #34: Moving Ahead with Fulfillment!

Michael O. Varhola

Skirmisher Publishing’s writers, editors, artists, and project managers have been busy in the nine days since our Kickstarter for a "Platinum Edition" of City Builder: A Guide to Designing Communities ended and we wanted to share some highlights with you! 

* Team leaders Michael O. Varhola and Brenda Cass have finalized and started moving ahead with a dynamic fulfillment plan designed to steadily complete rewards and move them into the hands of backers. Part of that will involve updating the 11 self-standing volumes of City Builder that correspond to the chapters in the book and, as we re-release them to Platinum Edition standards at DriveThruRPG, we will make them available to campaign backers. This will in no way affect the combined PDF and print editions of the Platinum Edition of the book that backers will receive and is simply a device for getting new and updated content into people’s hands a little more quickly if they want it. 

* Game developer Clint Staples gets the “Writer of the Week” award for submitting two of the places he is authoring for the book, the Tournament Ground and the Caravanserai! Publisher Varhola has edited the first of those places and it is now ready for the layouts. An illustration for the Caravanserai that will appear in the book appears below. 

* Artist Amanda Kahl and Varhola represented Skirmisher at the GTEX game convention in Houston this past weekend and, while there, discussed the images she is working on for the Platinum Edition of City Builder and refined their plan for producing them. At this point Amanda is in the process of finalizing the full-color, full-page image she has created to accompany “Chapter 1: Communities”; has moved on to pencil drawings for four other images that will appear at the beginning of other chapters; and is developing initial sketches for yet four other chapters. 

* We hope everyone has been enjoying the copies of Kos IslandKos CityLands Beyond Kos, or the overall Swords of Kos Fantasy Campaign Setting for which we sent out 1¢ DriveThruRPG download codes! Which publications people received as bonus rewards is based on their backer levels and, if you somehow missed those, check your email or our Kickstarter page for the appropriate “’City Builder’ Backer Reward” update we posted on Wednesday, September 4. 

That’s it for now! We appreciate you being part of this great project and hope you are enjoying watching it unfold.