Tips for Making Costume Shoes!


to the top) I’d use adhesive spray to put the fabric onto the foam and hot glue to tack the fabric under the foam

9.)    For the top flap I made a casing with broadcloth and put the foam inside. I then used tacky glue to tuck the fabric inside, making sure to tuck it into the back so it didn't show in the front.

10.) Use E6000 to press it all down and hold it for a bit. I also used hot glue in some places.


Thrifting for Shoes

Now I know you’re thinking: "but now I can’t use those shoes anymore!" No sweat. Buy online or go thrifting. The two important things you need are the shape of the toe and the style of the heel. Everything else you can alter. If you find boots, but you need to make short shoes, you can cut them down. If you need a boot, but can only find the right heel in a pair of 80’s heels, you can use your pattern to make an altered pattern that would still fit the base of your shoe. Example:

When I made Rose’s boots, I found the perfect toe and heel online. However, one of her boots is a thigh-high and the other is short. I used the pattern-making to cover the boots and then used the pattern to make a cover that went over those boots. Here are other examples of cosplayers doing this.

She made these cowboy boots from ankle boots

She made these shoes via painting a $10 white pair of white Chucks. (Yellow Chucks can go for as much as $80 in this style)

Other Specific Shoe Tutorials

Naruto Shoes

Non-Stretch Boot Covers