Tips for Making Costume Shoes!


This tutorial isn’t for making any specific kinds of shoes (but I’ll try to post some at the end that I like). It's simply a summation of tips on making shoes. A great pair of shoes can really make a costume for a convention or a Larp!

One of the most important things about making shoes is getting the correct measurements. Although you could put your foot and leg on a piece of fabric and trace it, it’s still going to be hard to get a nice, snug fit. Sometimes that takes quite a bit of altering and time. So let’s make some great shoe patterns.

Making a Pattern

You'll Need:

  • Painters or Masquing Tape (A tape that is not so sticky that you won't be able to to take it off your shoe)
  • An X-Acto Knife
  • Marker of Pen
  • Scissors
  • Fabric or Materials similar to what you are gonna use (Like Muslin or a paper towel)

1.)    You layer on the tape like you would strips of paper on a paper mache project. Try to cover the entire shoe with about one of two layers going every which way. If you just layer tape on tape in the same direction, it will not come up as one piece.

2.)    Take your marker or sharpie and trace out where you want the seams in your shoe.  So if half is red and half is white, draw your line down the middle

3.) You now have to decide if you want to add or alter seams to your shoe. For example, when I built my BB Hood shoes, I noticed there was only one panel on top. But I decided to make one up so it looked more like BB Hood’s shoe. To make sure the shoe stayed flexible -- like the original shoe -- I followed the original shoes seam.

4.) Use an X-Acto knife to put on the lines so that you can take off the tape, being careful to keep the pieces together.

5.) Take those pieces and stick them to a material similar to what you will use to cover the shoe. I used muslin since I used broad cloth to cover the shoe. You can also use paper towels or felt. I would not recommend paper because it’s hard to manipulate curves similar to a shoe.

How to Put it All Together

From here you should