Optional Character Sheet for Cthulhu Live

DM Fitzgerald

I don't like using character sheets when running LARPS. I feel they take away from some of the game for me. When I am forced to use a character sheet in a game I use what I call the Train Ticket form. Basically it's a standard piece of paper, printed and folded in half (see attachment). The skills and such are on the left side with the stats on the right, below the stats are the levels of insanity. If a character loses a sanity level, they punch out the lost level, leaving them with the new level. Using this form allows the characters to characters to keep up with their sanity and such and not need a pencil to keep track of it. We've used this for several of out Cthulhu Live events and they have worked really well, in several cases printing them on parchment to make them blend in better