Odd Facts About Halflings

William T. Thrasher
Ain't no step for a low stepper.

We did it to dark elves, now its time to do it to the jolly folk of the shire and d-Infinity presents odd facts about halflings. You may know a great deal about halflings, but you don't know everything, and there is more to say about them than can fit into one slim entry in a player's guide. And so we present this growing account of lesser known but 100% true facts about halflings, their whys and wherefores, and their society.

Halflings never invented pickling as a method of food preservation. They insist them learned the secret of pickling from humans and not goblins.

The hair on a halflings feet is not hair at all, but growths of a fungus with which halflings enjoy a symbiotic relationship. The fungus protects the skill of a halfling's feet, allowing them to walk in all environments without shoes.

The halfling concept of hell is an infernal bakery where halflings are alternatly fed pie until they explode, denied pie until they go mad with hunger, and baked into pies used to torture the souls of other damned halflings.

Halflings and elves can reproduce, but the result is always a halfling.

Halfings enjoy wordplay and double meanings, and all halflings songs have two meanings, one for the tall folk and a true meanling only understood by fellow halflings.

A healthy adult halfling has 28 teeth, 16 on the maxila and 12 on the mandible. If a halfling looses a tooth, there is a 50% chance it will grow back in 2d6 weeks. Because halfling teeth can grow back, orcs think their teeth are lucky.

Halflings do not sleep on regular cycles like other humanouds. Instead, they take multiple 1 to 2 hour naps throughout the day rather like a cat.

It is a grave insult to serve a halfling a slice of holed cheese such as swiss or dwarven milkbeetle cheese. The cheese implies the halfling is not entitled to a fill measure of hospitality or respect.

Halflings smoke pipe weed not only for its mild flavor and pleasent narcotic effects, but for its health benefits. Chief among them, a compount found in pipe weed prevents gout, a condition halflings are prone to due to their rich diets.

The halfling economy is based almost exclusively upon trading goods and favoes within memvers of the community. They do not value gold, but hoard the metal so they can do business with non-halfling merchants.

And that's only the begining. We'll add to this list in the coming days, and you can add to it in the comments below. Do you know something about halflings we don't?