In the Footsteps of Hercules: Interlude in Nafplion, Across the Wine-Dark Sea, Introduction to Crete (D&D 5E Actual Play)

Join monk Abderos (Brenda Cass), Amazon Deianeira (Penny Staples), dyer Vafea (Amanda Kahl), peltast Eumaios (Michael H. Varhola), and Satyr bard Chaz (Paul Knorr) for the latest segment of their D&D 5E actual play journey on the Footsteps of Hercules pilgrimage trail! In this episode they spend a week in the port city of Nafplion and participate in its annual arts festival, journey across the wine-dark sea on a Minoan League merchantman, and get their first glimpses of the strange and dangerous island of Crete.

This adventure is based on "In the Footsteps of Hercules," a universal sourcebook from Skirmisher Publishing adapted for D&D 5E by storyteller Michael O. Varhola.