In the Footsteps of Hercules: At the Baths of Nemea (D&D 5E Actual Play)

Join monk Abderos, Amazon Deianeira, dyer Vafea, peltast Eumaios, and Satyr bard Chaz for the latest segment of their D&D 5E actual play journey on the Footsteps of Hercules pilgrimage trail, during which they visit the famous Baths of Nemea!

This adventure was based on "In the Footsteps of Hercules," a universal sourcebook from Skirmisher Publishing adapted for D&D 5E by storyteller Michael O. Varhola.

Be sure to also check out "The Most Lamentable Battle of the Nemean Baths," a stirring poem composed in Satyric Hexameter by Kanchazo Winevine, Drunken Dreamer of Dionysius, and inspired by the events commemorated by the events of this episode. 

A rough floorplan of the Baths of Nemea appears below.