Dystopias (d-Infinity Live! Series 7, Ep. 19)

Live on May 17th, 9pm EST

Are you tired from a hard day of stomping on human faces with your standard issue boots? Then pull up an electrotherapy chair, take a mandatory anti-stress capsule, and join us for a pre-screened discussion of dystopias in tabletop gaming. From Alpha Complex to the Zone Omega, we're taking an unblinking look at RPGs where the future went wrong in all the right ways. From technocratic dictatorships to anarchic wastelands, from psychic hive societies to off-the-grid hovels where you can't even trust your own mind, we're dishing the dirt on dystopias!

As always, we're answering your questions live on the air. If you have any questions or comments about dystopias in tabletop gaming for us to address address on the air, post them in the comments below!