d-Infinity Plays 'Ragnarok: The Great Winter" (Episode 5)

In this episode, Gyda, Steinhard, and Svava, having been made thegns by Sigiwulf Jarl after their quest to avert a powerful Huldrfolk curse ended with the retrieval of the Eohl-King’s Heart, now attend the Jarl as the Heart is to be returned to the Eohl-King’s daughter. The Jarl hopes to heal the breach between the people of Hasafel and those of the Eohlwood, and wants to reward those who provided the opportunity. On the edge of Hasafel, the Eohlwood is a place of ancient power, its inhabitants, the Huldrfolk, rarely seen, reclusive and often hostile. The returnof the Eohl-King’s Heart can do more than simply repair relations with the Eohlwood. As creatures of wood and wild, the Huldrfolk suffer the effects of the Long Winter too. Yet they are also an ancient race, steeped in the might of the earth. If the curse can be lifted, is there some chance of closer ties between Hasafel and Eohlwood?