d-Infinity Plays: Metal, Magic & Lore

Live on April 6th, 2017 at 9pm EST

This week the d-Infinity crew plays "The Unkept Keep", a scenario for Metal, Magic & Lore run by the games creator Vito Pandolfo !

The small town of Ormyr lies far enough North within Eliton that the nobles of the Middle Kingdoms pay it no mind; especially in the recent years as skirmish over the exactness of state borders is becoming more frequent. It has been the perfect place for your fellowship to occasionally seek respite. While last Fall harvest was fruitful, this Spring’s rains have been both early and excessive, and the farmers are having difficulty with this season’s crops. The next season’s food stores are yet uncertain.

In the years you have visited, the mayor has never spoken of his dealings with the local Lord, a Lesser Noble of House Umthur, who has borne no progeny. He has been recluse, staying only to himself in your time. But the mayor has called upon you of late, as the lord passed after some months of illness…and that occurred last year, before the Winter. The mayor has passed to you a map of the location of the Lord’s abandoned keep; small as such mansions go, but nevertheless filled with the accoutrements of a man of status. It is your job to go to the keep and “look into the matter” as it may be. Worse then any fell beast which may have taken shelter there, is the thought that the Elves of the Deeping Vale in the north have heard of this news, and tried to capitalize on the matter….