This video demonstrates how to assemble Skirmisher Publishing’s Cardstock Characters™ paper miniatures and will work for any sets of them. 

Paper miniatures are a great way to expand your collection of gaming figures without taking up huge amounts of storage space or breaking your budget and we hope you found this tutorial helpful in accomplishing that.

Sets of miniatures these instructions were specifically developed for include Skirmisher Publishing’s Dwarf Soldiery , Göatter Dämmerung war goats, H.G. Well’s Morlocks , Heroes & Monsters of the Necropolis , Human Troopers , Lizardfolk Warriors , Men & Monsters of Ethiopia , Myrmidons, Orc Raiders , Thrasher Gang , Wan-Ti Snakemen , and more.

All of them are available for download from Skirmisher Publishing’s PDF Shop.

Game on, friends!