The d-Infinity Independent Game Awards

The results are in! Meet your 2016 winners.Click here for the results.

Live March 2nd, 9pm EST

Join the d-Infinity wedding planners as they get Barbaric Elf Parthenia hitched in their next live gaming session! It's going to take everything these Elven bridesmaids have to keep heads from rolling on this special day!

Live February 23rd, at 9pm EST

Live on February 16 at 9pm EST

Live February 9th, 9pm EST

Live February 2nd, 9pm EST

Live January 19th at 9pm EST

Live January 12th at 9pm EST

Live January 5th at 9pm!

Live on 12-29-2016 at 9pm

We've made it through the coldest, darkest night of the year and we've emerged with treasures! This week the d-Infinity crew performs a mass unboxing of the holiday season's gaming goodies, with rapid fire commentary and critique on each box's contents! We've been Neutral Good all year. We deserve a present of two.

Live on 12-15-2016 at 9pm EST

Do you wanna know what grinds our gears, cranks our shafts, and sticks our shifts at the gaming table? You're about to, as the hosts of d-Infinity get mad as hell and prepare for the end of 2016 with a grand purge of the worst that gaming has to offer! And we'll be addressing viewer grievances live on the air!