Interview: Actor Craig Parker

John F. Kadolph

have a White Tail, but it’s a spider whose bite leaves a really festering wound! (enjoys a slug) Damn! That’s really good! (laughter)

d-Infinity (Varhola): You can have some more.

Craig Parker: Naw, I have a few hours left here …

d-Infinity: That’s Michael’s job here, to get everyone drunk. (laughter)

d-Infinity (Varhola): Ok, now my serious journalistic question. Are you a fan of fantasy?

Craig Parker: I’ve read a bit, but I am sci-fi geek rather than a fantasy geek. 

d-Infinity: I just have one more question. Because I promised the folks at the Legend of the Seeker fandom that I would ask this. Are you one of the actors that would rejoin the cast if they were to do more? 

Craig Parker: If I was available and it was happening, I would absolutely consider doing it. I had such a good time on it and we all had a great time making it. When it finished we could have all gone on for another series, but it didn’t happen, you get used to it, and you move on. But, absolutely! 

d-Infinity: Well, great, it’s certainly good to hear that and we appreciate your time.

Craig Parker: Thank you! 

All of us at d-Infinity wish Craig the best with his future endeavors as an American, and look forward to seeing (and drinking with) him again during upcoming convention circuits!