Interview: Actor Craig Parker

John F. Kadolph

been kind of “What’s next?” rather than “Wow! That was amazing!” But, and strangely, it is often the latest thing you did you care the most about. I am so proud of Spartacus  as a series, so proud of what was achieved within television and by that group of people. There was such incredible talent that went into that show on all areas. The CGI, you know, is stuff that has never happened on a TV series before. That level of violence, and um, porn and filth, is held together by this amazing story, and fantastic actors who made it real. I love watching it as a viewer. I’ll happily sit down and watch the series just because I think it is a great show. I am looking forward to the next series, even though I’m not in it. 

d-Infinity (Varhola): You aren’t! Because, of course, you were killed! 

Craig Parker: Well, yeah, a little bit killed. I could have gotten better like Lucy [Lawless] after the first series … (laughter) But I get to see it as a spectator. 

d-Infinity: So, speaking of what is coming next, what are you looking forward to doing? Or , what would you like to do next?

Craig Parker: Next thing for the next few months is just drinking a lot and seeing friends. I am heading back to New Zealand for a couple of weeks to catch up with friends and then I’ve been in the visa process to live in America! So, I’m becomin’ an American! And processing that takes forever, so that kinda finishes in a couple of weeks, and I can start working again next year, so that should be good. 

d-Infinity: What are you going to miss the most about Australia? 

Craig Parker: I come from New Zealand, not Australia, so I am going to miss absolutely nothing about Australia! (laughter) It’s funny, when people ask me where I’m from, I say New Zealand and they say “Oh, I went to Sydney, I love that place.” (laughter)

d-Infinity (Varhola): I have just a couple of questions. One, will you have a slug of Whitetail Whiskey with me as long as you’re getting drunk anyway? 

Craig Parker: Well, all right! What’s Whitetail? 

d-Infinity (Varhola): (Goes on to explain that a Whitetail is a local breed of deer and brand of whiskey.)

Craig Parker: In New Zealand we