Interview: Actor Craig Parker

John F. Kadolph

During the 2012 convention circuit I was able to catch up with Craig Parker and speak with him for a good while. d-Infinity Editor-in-Chief Michael O. Varhola was with me and we had a fantastic time talking with him (in fact, I think there was some whiskey involved as well!). Craig is so much fun, he is invariably tongue-in-cheek, and is a great guy to be around! Here is the interview I did with him, which appears in  It appears in  d-Infinity Volume #5: Full Circle

d-Infinity: Obviously we know the success of Lord of the Rings and Spartacus, but Legend of the Seeker became this huge phenomenon that is becoming something else. What did you like doing the most as Darken Rahl?

Craig Parker: I liked being cruel to people. I got to chain men and women to posts, and hurt them, and cause violence and ah, I am such a wuss in real life. I have never been in actual fights, I probably would just curl up and cry. So when you get to play someone who is just so convinced of their power, you can do cool, cool stuff. It’s so much fun. And I had a great wig, and that pretty much makes me happy. If I have really great hair in a shot, I’m really happy. And I had really great hair.

d-Infinity: Speaking of, was the goatee real as well? 

Craig Parker: In Legend of the Seeker, it was a real goatee. It changes, because I did it myself each morning and sometimes I would forget how much or how little it was, so in one episode and even sometimes in some scenes it would change during it. There was one day we had to make a stick-on one because I was doing something else at the time and I had to be clean shaven and it looked really stupid. So, the key is to always have your own facial hair, but a wig is always good to have as your real hair. Just a little tip there. 

d-Infinity: As far of the things you have done, what are you most proud of or what would you like to see done again or reprised?

Craig Parker: Do we have to do it again cause we didn’t get it right? (laughter) Um, I don’t know. Once things have finished I’ve always