Zombie, Nazi

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1  leader, 2d8 Juggernauts, 4d10 Sprinters, and 2d100 walking dead
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 90’ (30’)
AC: 7 or by armor
HD: 8
Attacks: 1 weapon
Damage: By weapon type
Save: L12
Morale: 2
Hoard Class: 1 Pistol, 1 assault rifle, 1 suit of powered armor, 4d4 random artifacts, unlimited treasure (up to the ML).

One of the greatest atrocities in human history occurred during the second World War, perpetuated by the Nationalist Socialist Party, also collectively known as the Nazi party.  The leadership of the day attempted genocide, murdering millions upon millions before they were finally stopped by the allied nations.

Legend has it how the leadership of this evil political party delved into super-science and even the occult in order to increase their chances of winning the war and eventually taking over the entire globe.

Over the centuries, countless movies, video games, novels and more used the Nazi’s as the bad guy, and zombies were a particularly popular form these evil men and women took. As it turns out, this was based more on fact than pure fantasy.

During the Second World War, the Nazi scientists had indeed perfected a formula to bring the dead back to life in order to create what they consider to be indestructible soldiers. Thankfully this research took place deep in the German borders, far away from most population centers, and they used captured prisoners as fodder.

Uncounted thousands lost their lives in the experiments, some in the most hideous ways imaginable until they stumbled upon the correct formula. This is where the legend gets sketchy. There are those who believe the hidden base, collectively known as the ‘Outpost’ was discovered by the allies and destroyed. Other legends mention how a small group of Russian special forces, captured by the Nazi’s managed to escape during captivity and destroyed the base. A third legend tells how the commandant of this facility used the men and women of a town as slave labor, mistreating them and when they could no longer stand the treatment, they rose and revolted, sending the commandant and a small cadre of his men into the mountains while tearing the rest of the men apart.

No matter the legend, there was truth behind it. The Nazi’s had in fact discovered a way to reanimate their dead and turn them into nearly indestructible soldiers. In fact, they managed to create several different strains. And this did not happen just in the German borders, but elsewhere, including Argentina where many of the Nazi elite escaped after the end of WW2.

Of course over the intervening decades, urban legends grew of hikers and others encountering the undead in the mountains and forests of Germany, but they were attributed to just that –urban legends.

A great deal of the research was eventually uncovered and became the basis for the many viral undead which threaten the survivors so many years after the end of the final war. Shockingly enough, there are pockets of actual WW2 zombies located in what is left of Germany, Austria and other former European countries, and more have been discovered in the tropical rainforests of Argentina, Venezuela and Brazil. These particular zombies are considered to be ‘thinker’ zombies, and they are truly ancient, most having been high-ranking officers in the SS. There is even rumor that Adolph Hitler himself is among the cadre of undead Germans.

Few ever are contacted by these undead masters, as they tend to employ many other undead, such as Sprinters, regular Walking Dead, and Juggernauts. They also have huge groups of slaves and collaborators who share the same ideals, and wish to see the Reich reborn.

The leadership, the actual Nazi zombies, are all but immortal. They have the abilities of the Thinker zombies, although they do not need brains to survive. They can take damage, but the only way to permanently destroy them is to utterly destroy the body. This can be very difficult to accomplish, as they are always surrounded by other walking dead to act as fodder. They will use weapons and armor, and send wave after wave of Walking dead as their army. Occasionally particularly brutal and like-minded individuals are given the same elixir which created the leadership cadre, but this happens maybe once a decade, and usually only when one of their original members has been destroyed.

Due to the ideology of the group, only pure humans or humans will ever be used for their armies. Mutants and other inferiors are to be hunted and destroyed, as their vision of the future has no place for such monstrosities (in their eyes), although they do keep an extensive genetic database, as psionic powers intrigue them and they wish to develop a way to introduce such into the new Arian race.

These leaders also possess a powerful ability which has many scholars in the wastes stumped. They are not sure if it is some sort of mutation, a by-product of the serum which created them, or technology, but they are able to call forth the dead and turn them into regular walking dead. They can do this but once per week and they can call forth up to 100 hit-dice worth of dead humans or humanoids (never animals) to be used as cannon fodder.  Unlike most of the undead encountered in the wastelands, the bites of these creatures will not infect and turn the victim into more zombies.

When these creatures engage in combat and are damaged, they can regenerate the damage they have sustained as long as they consume the flesh and blood of Pure humans or regular humans. Even if only a tiny portion of the body remains, as long as it is soaked in the blood of any human, the body will regenerate. It requires 1 quart of blood, or 1 hit dice worth of flesh to regenerate a single hit dice on these creatures. As already stated, only utter destruction such as disintegration, burning or immersion in acid will destroy these monsters.

Mutations: None

Source: Outpost (2012), Dead Snow (2009)