'Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue: 9 High Tech Weapons 2' Bonus Content

Chris Van Deelen

not increased !

This modification is available only for the Plasma weapons, and not the grenades or satchel charges.

Screamer Weapons

Multi-Frequency Hopper Module:

This specific modification chances the sound frequency of the weapon a thousand times in a single shot. The result is that the damage caused by the weapon is increased and the saving throw is likewise decreased. The weapon does an additional +1 per dice damage and the saving throw is reduced by -2.

If the saving throw fails, the target is still deafened, but even if the saving throw succeeds, the target suffers from audible ringing in their ears (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 8: Diseases and medical options) . This condition will last for 2d4 hours before finally fading away.

Point Focusing Barrel

This modification will focus the sound waves into a very narrow cone instead of the wide cone that the weapon usually fires. The end result is that the weapon can affect only a single target, but the damage is greatly increased. The target will suffer an additional +2 per dice damage and can still be deafened by the attack.

Ultra-Frequency Module

This modification does not increase the damage the weapon does. Instead it causes additional side effects other than simple deafness. As with the Multi-Frequency Hopper Module, even if the target succeeds in the saving throw, they suffer from audible ringing for 2d4 hours.

However, when the fail saves in addition to deafness, the victim suffers from one of the following additional effects:

Ultra-Frequency Module additional effect Table




Blurred Vision










Choose one of the above.

Note that all the effects are described in Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 8: Diseases and medical options .