'Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue: 9 High Tech Weapons 2' Bonus Content

Chris Van Deelen

In Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 9: High Tech weapons 2 I introduced several more new weapon systems into the Mutant Future game. This issue covered new weapons as well as old and familiar friends, such as the Grenade Launcher.

Again due to word count constraints I was forced to cut several modifications, and have since decided to put these modifications up as free material.

Bead Weapons

Extended Magazines: The weapons can be stocked with larger magazines to increase the number of rounds that can be carried at one time. The weight of the weapon is increased slightly, but many consider that to be a fair trade-off in order to be able to carry more ammunition. No matter the size of the magazine, the amount of rounds the weapon can fire is doubled. The additional weight is listed in the following chart:

Extended Magazine Weight Chart

Bead Weapon

Weight increase

Holdout Pistol

.2 lb

Pistol / SMG

.5 lb


1 lb.

Squad Weapon

5 lbs.

Additional Bead Ammunition


This causes double damage against unarmed targets (leather or worse), but no damage against heavier armor. Causes multiple cuts that bleed for 1d2 points per round until the damage has been treated (requiring one full round).

Thermal / Cryo:

The round causes regular damage and target must make a saving throw versus energy or suffer an additional 1d4 points of thermal / cryo damage. Anything flammable must make a saving throw versus death or ignite, causing and additional 1d6 damage per round until the flames are extinguished. Items are also susceptible to this damage and must also save versus death (either using the wielder’s saving throw or the saving throw table listed in Wisdom from the Wasteland issue 1: Artifacts, Manuals, and Toolkits ). Items that fail this saving throw lose 1 condition level due to damage.

Trigger Modification

Although it was considered to be illegal in many countries before the final wars, many entrepreneuring individuals were able to create a simple modification that would allow weapons that had a higher rate of fire than what the original weapon was created with. If this modification is included with the weapon, the rate of fire increases one step better. For example, a normal trigger now becomes automatic, while automatic becomes rapid-fire.

Plasma Weapons

Purification module: This specific module is attached to the matter conversion chamber. It essentially takes the newly created plasma and runs it through an energy ‘filter’ removing any impurities contained in the plasma. The result is the plasma that is fired from the weapon is ‘purer’ and causes more damage.  It increases the weight of the weapon by another 25%. This is an upgrade to the Anti-Contamination Chamber that is found in Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 24: Weapon Modifications.

The Purification module increases the damage by +2 per dice to the initial target, and more thermal energy is released so the splash radius is increased by 50% (rounded up, so the 5’ becomes 10’, 10’ becomes 15’, 20’ becomes 30’. Note that the damage from the splash radius is