'Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue 33: Drugs' Bonus Content

Chris Van Deelen

When I wrote Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 33: Drugs I was very careful to watch the total word count. As a result, there was nothing left to cut from the issue! Instead I was forced to create several similar and brand new types of drugs for the Mutant Lord to use in her game. So without further ado, here are five new drugs for your gaming pleasure! 

Heal Booster

This drug is very similar to the Supergen drug ( Mutant Future core book).  In some ways it is more powerful than that particular drug, but in other ways it is less effective, since it works for a single day only. Also it was nowhere near quite as effective as Regrowth (see this issue) which was far more expensive and difficult to produce, but still helped aid the user’s natural healing rate dramatically. A single dose of this drug would increase the user’s natural daily healing rate by 2d4+2. For example- Joe, an average pure human has a constitution of 12 and as such has a natural healing rate of 1d3. Taking one dose of this drug will increase this to 1d3+2d4+2 per day. Also the user does not require bed-rest and can participate in strenuous activity. 

One dose works for 1 day. Additional doses do not increase the healing rate and are simply wasted. The only significant drawback to using the heal booster is that the user must increase their caloric intake by three times the normal amount


This drug is very similar to the Brainiac drug (see this issue), but was more powerful and far more dangerous to use.  It was originally designed to help boost the cognitive capabilities of those who took it, but was declared illegal for many decades due to the side effects it induced; it was not until chemists were able to stabilize the formula that it once again became legal to create, sell and use.

When taken, the drug will increase the users Intelligence score by 4+1d6. It also would on top of any regular bonuses to figuring out artifacts give an additional bonus of 20%. It should be noted that this bonus also includes repairing damaged artifacts.

 The effects of this drug would last 12+2d6 hours. At the end the user would become heavily fatigued (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 8: New Diseases and medical options for more details). The victim would also be required to make an additional saving throw versus poison or suffer 1d4+6 points of Intelligence loss. The lost Intelligence will return at the user’s natural healing rate per WEEK! Note that if the saving throw is failed with a natural 1, then half the lost intelligence becomes permanent. Otherwise it returns at the user’s natural healing rate, as stated above. If the ML wishes, this can apply only to the drug that was created after the final wars, not pre-war manufacturing.

Note those who wish to try and use multiple doses of this drug will gain no benefit and will suffer from the effects described above (if one