'Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue 31: Nanotechnology 3' Bonus Content

Chris Van Deelen

so that they appeared as true animals. Only after a human ignored or tried to take the animals into their care would the Pets attack. They would use their bite in an attempt to infuse the victim with the nanotechnology to turn the victim into one of the Converted.

Not only do the Pets carry the nanites to create Converted, but they also carry the same sort of nanotech in order to create more Pets as they see fit. Strangely enough, these converted creatures do not possess the same level of intelligence as other converted, and so they tend to act and react the way the animals they imitate would.

It should be noted that these robotic units are not as sturdy as other types of created, probably due to the fact that they use smaller animals. The largest converted Pet was about the size of a large dog.

Like Infiltrators, these robotic units try to infect victims through their bites.

Hit Dice: 5
Frame: Biomorph
Locomotion: Four Legs
Manipulators: Advanced Hands (paws)
Armor: Duraplastic AC 5 (underneath the skin)
Sensors: Class III
Mental Programming: Programming
Accessories: Vocalizer
Weapons: Bite, (1d8+6) Plus chance of infection (see description)


A mission specific type of Converted, these robotic units would only begin to show up once a significant portion of a local population has been taken over by the Converted nano-plauge. Once the guiding intelligence deemed worthy, a small percentage of the Converted would slip into a fifth stage of conversion. During this period of time (typically 2d3 days) the Converted would stop all activity except for hunting down raw material that it would need to undergo another change.

The size of the converted would increase dramatically, typically growing at least 50% larger and would become more heavily armored. On top of this, the new type of converted would grow several integrated weapon systems (note that these weapons are in addition to the weapons typically found on the Converted).

Once the latest phase of conversion was complete, the newly birthed Warrior would head into the contested fields of battle and unleash fury like few creatures have ever witnessed. Although armed with energy weapons, these warriors also carried more conventional weapons like Sliver casters (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 3: High Tech Weapons ). These conventional weapons would fire nano-infested ammunition, whose sole purpose was to wound and infect others with the converted nano-plague.

Note that the energy weapons mounted on this robotic unit have unlimited ammunition, due to being tied directly into the units power-source. The Sliver casters have 500 rounds, while the grenade launcher carries 30 (type of grenade left to the ML). As long as the robot has access to the materials, it can replace 10d10 rounds of Sliver ammunition per day and 1d3-1 grenades per day (due to internal manufacturing). ML will have to determine if the resources are available or not. 

These robotic units would fight fearlessly and tirelessly, but always leave a small percentage of those it encountered alive (but wounded) to