'Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue 31: Nanotechnology 3' Bonus Content

Chris Van Deelen

Instead of providing the Mutant Lord with new types of Nanotechnology as I have done with Issue 30 , for Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 31 I have written up several types of ‘ Converted’ robots for the ML to use in her game.

I will save more nanotechnology for future issues of Wisdom from the Wasteland.


These types of Converted skip over the skin replacement step of Phase 3. They retain their purely organic flesh and hair, but all material beneath the surface is pure robotic. Scholars speculate that this robotic Converted were inspired by a series of movies and television shows from the 20 th and 21 st century.

These types of robots are quite dangerous as they appear exactly as they had before being taken over by the nanotechnology. They even retain the same personality and memories, making the robots all that much more dangerous.

Like all Converted they are only interested in spreading the nanotechnology to the uninfected and creating other versions of their kind. These robots are able to choose the type of conversion nanotech that is introduced to the intended victim. It can be the standard converted, or it can be Pets (see below), or more of the Infiltrators.

If this robot was part of a family or even a small group, they will attempt to infect all members of that family or group at the same time. This will be accomplished by infesting food or drink with the nanotechnology and this robotic until will be able to sense within 1d3 days if the infection has taken root.

For those who it has not managed to infect, the robot will have two choices. Kill them or forcibly infect them using the injectors implanted in their hands. Anyone who is clawed by these creatures is subject to an attack of the converter nanotechnology. See Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 28 on how to combat these tiny terror weapons.

Hit Dice: 10
Frame: Biomorph
Locomotion: Two Legs
Manipulators: Advanced Hands
Armor: Removable, otherwise AC 5
Sensors: Class V
Mental Programming: Programming
Accessories: Vocalizer
Weapons: Finger Claws (1d4+6) Plus chance of infection, Bite, (1d6+6) Plus chance of infection (see description)


Although the main mission of the Converted was to ‘change’ intelligent life into machines of death and destruction, whatever guiding intellect behind this horrible weapon eventually learned how most humans acted towards animals. Many humans considered animals to be harmless or not even worthy of their notice when it came to survival.

This turned out to be a perfect way for the converted to infect even more humans. Animals were infected and turned into a new type of Converted and released upon human settlements or population centers. From there these creatures would infiltrate and then begin to infect the unsuspecting victims, creating even more of these robotic units.

The conversion process is almost identical to that of creating other Converted, but typically only 25-50% as long to take place. Like Infiltrators, the Pets kept their outer skin layer and fur,