'Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue 30: Nanotechnology 2' Bonus Content

Chris Van Deelen

Unlike issue Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 28: Nanotechnology 1 in which I introduced a series of different quality for nanotechnology, the bonus content for Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 30: Nanotechnology 2 will be several types of nanites that I had thought of including but due to size limitations ended up cutting from the final product.

As with the optional rules that I presented for issue 28, the nanotechnology presented here will contain the chart on how quality affects the technology.

Weapon Growth

Strength: +3 Incubation: 3d4 Days

Before the final wars destroyed civilization, many soldiers, mercenaries or even devotee’s to the various martial arts around the globe wanted to have that little extra ‘edge’ that could very well mean the difference between life and death, victory or defeat. This type of nanotechnology came in both forms but had to be programmed before being introduced into the body of the host. Once introduced and the nanites began their work, the host would eventually grow natural weapons that they did not possess. A person could grow claws on the ends of their fingers and toes, develop spikes on their knuckles, jagged shark-like teeth or whatever they so desired.

Before injection the nanites would have to be programmed with the desired weapon. After injection the nanites would require up to twelve days to grow the weapon. Once the weapon was grown, the nanites would then be de-activated and purged from the body. It should be noted that there is no limit to the types of weapons that could be grown; the only real limitation is the maximum number of swarms that the body could host at one time (see Wisdom from the Wasteland Issue 28 for more details).

Unless otherwise specified, the weapons grown would use bone or cartilage, but nanites could be programmed to use other more exotic materials. The drawback to using such is that the host would be required to ingest these materials for the nanites to break down and use. It was most common for those growing these natural weapons to use metals.

During the growth period, the host would be forced to consume four times their normal food, unless the weapons being grown were of exotic materials. In that case the host would only be required to consume twice as much food but no less than one pound of the required material (which could be ingested over the growth period, not all at once).

Included is a chart describing several types of natural weapons that could be grown, as well as the damage each type of weapon can inflict. This is only a basic list, the ML is encouraged to use her imagination as to the types of natural weapons that the user will be able to grow using these nanites.

Weapon Growth Table





Hand Claws






Foot Claws


Knuckle Spikes








The damage listed is the base damage. This will be modified by the Strength of the attacker, and can be further