'Wisdom from the Wastelands Issue 3: High Tech Weapons' Bonus Content

Chris Van Deelen

In Wisdom from the Wastelands issue #3: High Tech Weapons  I introduced several new and deadly weapon systems to the Mutant Future universe. As time progressed I continued to add even more weapon systems with in later issues. It seems to be one of my more popular works. Expanding upon the weapons that were created for this issue are even more types of ammunition that can make these already deadly weapons even more fearsome!

Advanced Flamer Fuel

Most flamer units use a specific chemical compound that is very similar to the old ‘napalm’ that was created back in the early 20 th century. However, as technology advanced better chemicals were created or discovered that could cause the fire to burn with greater intensity and last even longer. Below is a list of varying types of flamer fuel that can be used by the Mutant Lord. Note that this also includes crude mixtures that do not work quite as well as regular fuel.

To make matters even worse with the higher the quality fuel, the heat produced from the weapon can cause collateral damage to people or items that are standing close to the target. This is represented in thermal damage and the target does not catch fire, unless the wielder of the weapon chooses to fire at them.

This damage can be avoided if those caught in the thermal radius still have any movement left (for example, they did not move that round, or only used part of their movement), and make a successful save versus energy. If they succeed they can move out of the thermal radius and avoid taking any damage, as long as they have movement left.

For simplicity sake there will be no chance of condition damage to any items carried by those who are caught in the thermal radius.

Flamer Fuel Table

Flamer Fuel Type

Damage Modifier

Burn Duration

Thermal Radius

Thermal Damage

Crude flammables

-1 per dice




Standard Fuel





Refined Fuel

+1 per dice

Increase by 50%

5 feet


Highly flammable chemical mixture

+2 per dice

Increase by 100%

10 feet


Exotic chemical blend

+3 per dice

Increase by 200%

20 feet


Micro Missile Gun

As with all weapons that were created for the civilian consumer and the military machine, the chemicals used in the propellant were typically vastly different. The military, for obvious reasons, got the better chemical blend to use. Of course both the military and civilian markets could opt to purchase higher grade or quality ammunition and that will be reflected below.

Micro Missile Ammunition Quality Table

Ammunition Type

Range Modification

Damage Modification

Custom Load



Match Quality


+1 per dice

Gold Seal Quality


+2 per dice

Military Quality


+3 per dice