Chris Van Deelen


Due to their very long lives, these creatures have on average five or more fields of expertise. They are very knowledgeable in their fields and as a result can figure out numerous artifacts without having to roll for them. Many are also technicians and able to repair damaged artifacts.

As a result, these types always have access to artifact weapons, armour and equipment and are not above using it to protect themselves from any would be attackers.  People attempting to attack an intelligent Undying are usually in for a very unpleasant surprise and typically don’t live long enough to regret it.

The feral Undying haven’t the intellect or the ability to use artifact weapons and armour, and as a result are far easier to deal with. What makes these creatures so dangerous is the fact that they live together in packs and their bites are quite toxic, and quite often pass on the same toxins that created them in the first place.

Any person bitten by a feral Undying has to make a save against poison. This disease will only affect pure humans and mutant humans. Animals who fail treat the disease as class 10 poison.

For those who are affected if they fail the saving throw, they contract a wasting disease. The infected creature has a chance to throw it off (see the rules covering disease in the Mutant Future core book). The major difference is that if the disease kills them, they don’t actually die. Instead they lose their intelligence over a period of weeks until they become little more than animals. As a result, they will begin to live in the same manner as other feral undying. Oddly enough, these creatures still retain some memory and loyalty to former friends and loved ones and they will not attack them.

All human mutants that succumb to the disease lose all their mutations, both physical and mental (except changes such as multiple limbs, natural weapons and the like) and take on the mutations of the Undying instead.

Feral Undying Disease
Save Modifier +0
Infection Duration 4 days
Affected Stats: Int -4, str -2, -4 will
Damage per day 2d4

Symptoms: Loss of body hair, fatigue, difficulty thinking, high thirst and hunger, nausea.

Both types of creature are completely immune to radiation, disease, poisons and all manner of toxins. A small trade-off for the appearance. As a result, these creatures can live in locations that would kill almost all other types of life forms. Members of each type Undying will often gravitate towards these locations in order to live in solitude.

Another side effect is that these creatures do not need to feed, although the feral Undying do so even if they don’t require it. Wasteland scholars believe that the toxins that created them also sustain them.

There have been Undying taken away from the ruins in which they inhabit and it was discovered that they will not die. They appear to have no adverse effects although they do everything in their power to escape and return to the ruins.