Swamp Folk

Chris Van Deelen

it’s the ability to breed. The females have a much shorter gestation period, only being five months in length and they give birth to what many would call liters. The typical female will give birth to 4+1d3 offspring.

To say that these mutant humans are stupid would be an understatement in the extreme. The smartest would have the intelligence of an average eight year old, with most being barely able to speak. Strangely enough, they are still able to communicate well enough with one another. They tend to look upon most tech as magic and have a very primitive view on the world. They mark their territory with fetishes, which could be anything thing from stuffed animals to robot parts to the skulls of their victims. They also have a religion that appears to be for all intent and purpose based on the works of the Ancient author H.P. Lovecraft. Many of the cannibalistic family groups have gone as far as taking the flesh of their victims and they tan it and make clothing out of it. Some around the Gulf of Mexico have gone as far as to cut off the faces and turn them into grotesque masks to wear.

When it comes to using artifacts, they typically need someone to show them how to operate any items they may find. The one major exception is when it comes to primitive firearms and even high-tech melee weapons (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 21: High Tech Melee Weapons for more information). When using any primitive firearm, they gain a +5 to hit and +2 per dice damage, and when using any sort of melee weapon, they have a +3 to hit and gain a bonus of +1 per dice damage.

The best thing one can do when they encounter these creatures is to back away as slowly as possible, and to be ready to fight, as odds are stacked against them leaving with their skin intact.

Although the gods of fallout have been for the most part exceedingly cruel when it comes to these creatures, they have been gifted with the ability to see in the dark, and are utterly immune to toxins and poisons, and heal far faster than others. They gain their healing rate per turn instead of per day. Also, they are capable of breathing water, even though they have no visible gills. This allows these mutant humans to lay in wait, deep in the murky swamps of their home to waylay the unwary.

Mutations: Atrophied Cerebellum (d), bizarre appearance (d), dietary requirement change (cannibalism, carrion or vampirism) (d), immunity to poison and toxins, obese (females only) (d), regenerative capability (modified), thermal vision.

Source: Fallout 3