State of the Commonwealth - Ser Sentinel D'Artinuel, Synth Knight-Marshal of the Order

Clint Staples

Ser Sentinel was a synth serving Baron Sir Randal D’Artinuel, During that lord’s time as a Donatus among the Knights-Marshal, Sentinel became fixated on the honor and duty of the Knights-Marshal. Randal lavished considerable attention upon his companion, upgrading his synth’s processor to full autonomy, to better allow it to act as friend and confidant. When Randal died, his heir, Sorcha had little use for the martial synth. She freed Sentinel, even granting an allowance for transport and certain upgrades. Sentinel asked if he could take the name D’Artinuel, and that he be sent to the Knights-Marshal, where he might continue to act in a manner that would have made his former owner proud. It was Sentinel’s proudest hour when he was made knight. When Ser Sentinel had sufficient resources, he too acquired a synth companion.

Ser Sentinel's com-synth companion:

There are those among the Knights-Marshal who are uncomfortable with Ser Sentinel, and he has thus bounced from Lance to Lance, not having found the true camaraderie that he seeks. This may be because of his unexcitable manner in the face of adversity and his confidence that he will prevail in any circumstance. It is true that some of his former lance-mates have not always been so fortunate.

Ser Sentinel is based on the Panzur synth [found in the Synthetics section of the Ordinance and Equipment Guide]. A quick and easy way to generate a synth character in KMotC is to take a Panzur, make it bipedal and purchase equipment and skills as normal. This gives you a character that is different from others, but pretty close to the same power level and number of points. Ser Sentinel comes out as a 22 Point character, which is right in the middle of the range for starting characters in KMotC.

The tensor claws of the Panzur were removed and a tensor blade was substituted, since Ser Sentinel hopes to fit in better with his fellow knights by emulating their fighting style. One hard point is used to mount his com-synth companion when it is not airborn. This counts as a Light Load [Fatigue 1, when the com-synth is mounted]. The Tensor blade and the hard point mounted blaster are not enough to increase his load. Having the Blaster Carbine on a hard point means that it is always ‘ready’ even when Ser Sentinel is wielding his Tensor Blade. Thus he can shoot, or attack in melee whenever he wishes.

Among his upgrades, Ser Sentinel had his internal musculature replaced by a high tensile version. This grants him the Advantage: MIght.

Might: You are stronger than other people with your Brawn. For purposes of what you can lift, or what damage your do in melee, your Brawn is +1. This does not affect your Soak, Wound Threshold. This may reflect incredible conditioning, synthetic musculature, or natural ability in aliens known for their strength. With Narrator permission, Might may raise your strength beyond the limit set on Brawn for your species.

Currently, Ser Sentinel is serving upon the Flagship ‘Glaim Solaich’ awaiting assignment to a new lance.