Starfinder: Mechtoid Powered Armour

Chris Van Deelen

Mechtoid Powered Armor

Price: 17,250 Level: 5

EAC Bonus:  +8 KAC Bonus: +13

Max Dex Bonus: +3 Armor Check Penalty -2 Speed: 30 ft.

Strength: 18 (+4) Damage: 1d10 B

Weapon Slots: 2 Upgrade Slots: 3

Capacity: 40 Usage: 1 / hour

Size: Medium Bulk: 20


Created by the Alien forces to be used by Sectoid Commanders, Evolved Sectoids and even the Zudjari, this particular type of powered armor was not seen on the battlefield very often. It seems that the Ethereals were more likely to use Cyberdisks or Sectopods more than the armor. It is speculated that the reason behind this is that too many of the suits fell into enemy hands, where they could be reversed engineered. After all, when the other robotic units were taken down in combat, they simply detonated and destroyed anything that could have been used.

The suits provide excellent protection against incoming enemy fire, and come equipped with a pair of HPC Mk 1 Plasma cannons on each arm, and is equipped with a Purple force field generator. The units also come with the Juggernaut boosters already installed, allowing the armor to charge at targets in combat. The weapons and the augmentations do not take up any upgrade slots.

Specialized shielding in the helmet render the wearer immune to the effect of stun, and also provide the user a DR 5 / - against all type of psionic or magical damage.

If the armor does not move in a single round, it can deploy both plasma cannons at once and take only a -2 to hit instead of the usual -4. It can still fire both cannons in a single round while moving, but it takes the -4 penalty instead.

Finally the listed price includes all the automatic upgrades included with the armour.

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