Starfinder: Ethereal

Chris Van Deelen

Ethereal Spellcaster CR 12 XP 19,200

Lawful evil medium humanoid

Init +5; Senses: Low light vision 60 ft.; Perception +27


Defense                                                             HP 140

EAC: 25; KAC: 28 (Commander Ethereal Robes)

Fort: +11; Ref: +11; Will: +19

Defensive Abilities: death scream, psionic reflection; Immunities: All mind-affecting effects



Speed: 30 ft.

Ranged: Light Plasma Rifle Mk 9 +21 (3d8+12 E&F Crit 2d8 burn)

Space: 5 ft., Reach: 5 ft.

Offensive Abilities: Constitution drain, mental control, mindflay, psionic bolt, psionic rift



Str -2; Dex +5; Con -2; Int +7; Wis +3; Cha +2

Skills: Bluff +22, diplomacy +22, intimidate +27, sense motive +22

Feats: Antagonize, iron will

Languages: Common, mind link, telepathy



Environment: Any

Organization: Solitary, pairs, trio’s.


Special Abilities

Constitution Drain (Su): By targeting a single enemy combatant, the Ethereal can drain it of its vitality and health. The target must be in its line of sight, and has to be within 100 feet. The enemy is then allowed a Fort save (DC 25) or it will suffer 1d6 points of temporary constitution damage. The Ethereal can use this once every 6 rounds.

Death Scream (Su): Upon death, the Ethereal unleashes a hellish psionic ‘scream’. This has a radius of 30 feet and anything caught in the area of effect must make a Will save (DC 25) or suffer 4d12+12 points of psionic damage.

Mental Control (Su): As a full round action, the Ethereal can target a single enemy combatant. The enemy is allowed a Will save (DC 25), and if it fails, it comes under the control of the Ethereal. This will last until a successful Will save is made, and each round on the Ethereal’s turn, it will act according to the Ethereal’s wishes. While using this ability, the Ethereal cannot act, except to move. If the controlled enemy is killed, there is no negative effect against the Ethereal. It can use this ability once per day.

Mindflay (Su): As a swift action, the Ethereal can target a single enemy. It is allowed a Will save (DC 25), and even if it succeeds, it takes 2d6+12 psionic damage. If it fails, the target is stunned for a single round, and for 1d4 rounds after that it takes a -4 penalty to all rolls (attack, saves, skill checks). The Ethereal can use this ability once every two rounds.

Mind Link (Su): As a standard action, the Ethereal can link its mind to any other allied alien within 100 ft. As a result, the linked alien gains +4 to hit, 12 additional hit points, and acts as if is under the haste spell. This lasts for 1 minute or until the original Ethereal is killed. If the Ethereal is slain, the linked alien dies instantly. There is no negative effect for the Ethereal if the linked alien is killed. The Ethereal can use this once per round.

Psionic Bolt (Su): The Ethereal is able to ‘shoot’ a bolt of pure psionic energy at any target within 100 feet. This bolt bypasses all barriers (including walls, terrain, windows - except force-fields). This will inflict 2d12+19 points of psionic damage. This is a ranged touch attack and requires a successful to hit roll against the targets EAC. The Ethereal has a +21 to hit chance. It can use this ability once per round as a standard action. 

Psionic Reflection (Su):  Instead of attacking, the Ethereal can respond to incoming attacks by putting up a shield of Psionic energy. This can be accomplished at any time, and the shield will withstand up to 100 points of damage (any type) before being rendered useless. If the shield is fired upon, the attack inflicts damage as normal, and then is reflected back to the attacker, using the attackers own attack bonus but at a -4. Furthermore the damage is reduced by 50% if it hits. The Ethereal can use this ability once per day.

Psionic Rift (Su): As a full round action, the Ethereal can cause rift of psionic energy to appear anywhere in its line of sight (up to 500 feet). This appears to be a black, swirling cloud of energy, and has a radius of 30 feet. Anything caught in the radius will suffer 8d8+12 points of psionic damage and suffers a temporary loss of 2d4 points of wisdom, unless a Will save (DC 25) is made. If it succeeds, the target suffers half damage, and there is no wisdom loss. The Ethereal can use this once every 24 hours.

Telepathy (Su): All Ethereals are capable of telepathy. They can use this with one another. If they attempt to use this on another race, or an unwilling subject, the target is allowed a Will save (DC 25) to refuse the mental link. 


The true leadership behind the alien invasion force, the Ethereals are the overlords and masters of all the various aliens.

These creatures command the respect and unfailing loyalty of all other forces under their commands, even the ‘Kings’ and other high-ranking individuals in the invasion forces.

These creatures have evolved to the point where they are exceedingly frail, although possess terrifying psionic abilities, which can wipe out entire squads of enemy combatants with little effort. Their bodies have atrophied to the point they must use specialized anti-gravity harnesses just to move, and many have lost the ability to see and hear, although their powerful psionics more than make up for this loss.

Due to their exceedingly frail nature, they are quite susceptible to physical punishment, and as such always stay in the background, surrounded by other combatants, especially various Muton’s, Zudjari, Cyberdisks and Sectopods. They use these forces in order to ensure that the enemy never gets within striking range, and if these forces fail, they always have 2 Muton Berserkers waiting to engage anyone who would dare get near them.

The creatures are arrogant, and see all other life as nothing more than vassals for their use, including the genetic material, which they harvest, to maintain their failing bodies. They can be communicated with, although their arrogance often means that they cannot be bargained with, even in the exceedingly unlike situation where their bodyguards and other forces have been defeated.

Using their highly advanced intellect, the creatures will always be assessing the battlefield and any situation they are in, and will go through hundreds of different scenarios in their minds to attempt to find the best possible result.

In other words, they are master tacticians and will use their forces to the best advantage possible.

Physically the creatures are very tall, standing on average around 8 feet in height. Their bodies are incredibly thin, past the point of gauntness. The flesh is greyish, and clings to the bones like a poorly-fitted suit. They possess four arms, but are as week as a proverbial kitten. If it was not for the anti-gravity harness they wear, they could not even walk.

The heaviest weapon they can carry is the Light Plasma rifle, which they are loath to even attempt to use, instead concentrating on their far more effect psionic attacks. The Ethereal believe that if they ever have to use their Plasma Rifles, the battle is all but lost.

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