Spells for the Vivimancer

Derek Holland

cost of the spell is negligable, though most vivimancers ask for hundreds of thousands to millions of gp to make others think the spell is expensive.

Name Living Machine

Level: 6th

Duration: permanent

Range: 10'

Living machines can be used to do most sorts of work. They grow like living infrastructure but only take a week to a month to hatch. Most machines are used to move water, people and goods but any sort of industry can be enhanced with a living machine. Even blacksmiths can have living forges that allow them to safely reach temperatures that coal simply can not. Tailors can use living machines to measure customers and spin out customized clothing. Carpenters can use living machines to grow or enhance trees and make the wood easy to work with, yet the result is as hard as bronze. Like Living Architecture, this spell is cheap to cast but most vivimancers charge much for the resulting devices.

Name Modify Disease

Level: 4th

Duration: permanent

Range: touch

Vivimancers can make a disease more or less virulent, alter symptoms and even make permanent changes to the ill with this spell. With the last, treat the result as Sculpt Features (only cosmetic, no chance of dying from shock) in the survivors of the disease. An 9th level version spreads the Mutate spell (from T&T).

A while ago, I posted this creature to the forums. It, and variants, can be used by vivimancer to study spell effects, diseases and symbionts. Any reduction in research time due to the use of lab creatures is up to the LL.

Name Lab Human

No. Enc. 0 (d100 X d6)

Alignment Neutral

Movement 120' (40')

AC 9

HD 1

Attacks 1 (weapon)

Damage by weapon

Save L0

Morale 4

Hoard Class none

Many creatures and races do not like the dominance of humans on their worlds. One solution for those wishing alchemical and magical experiments is the lab human. They differ from normal humans in two ways. Their INT and WIS are 2 as to prevent escapes, unnessary learning, questions, etc. The other is that they bud as well as sexually reproduce. With the buds, the lab humans have an annual population increase of 20% (standard humans would have trouble making 5%). The buds are what make the lab humans valuable. They are easily genetically engineered and many thousands of subraces have been developed using the buds. Aboleths looking for better skum prefer using lab humans over wild strains because of the genetic flaws in the latter. Illithids use lab humans as emergency rations (they don't taste very good). Dragons use them to discover ways to keep the vermin down (many anti human spells have come from this work). Humans use lab humans in medicine and less savory works. Undead made from basic lab humans are significantly weaker than those made from normal humans but some of the subraces can make most vile and powerful zombies and ghouls. A single lab human can bud itself an entire population within a matter of years. Fortunately those that escape rarely survive