Spells for the Vivimancer

Derek Holland

could become an elf or a human. I would drop this to 7th level.

As I mentioned above, the merlane kit from Dragon 237 has a few spells that could work very well for the vivimancer.

Enhance Trait is a 1st level spell. It boosts armor class, speed, damage, adds a hit die or enhances a power (slightly) for a short time (caster picks one trait per casting). The vivimancer can only cast it on animals, Enhance Plant (above) is for plants and fungi.

Unbridle the Wild Beast is a 2nd level spell. It makes domestic creatures feral. This doesn't work so well on druid and ranger companions (they can make a second save for the animals) but it can be disasterous for dogs, cattle and other pets and livestock. The vivimancer has no control over the animal, so this spell can be dangerous to them as well. If the setting has domesticated animated plants, it can affect them as well.

Teratism I, II and III are 3rd, 5th and 7th level spells. They make permanent changes to a creature but sterilizes them as well. The first makes minor to moderate physical changes, the second makes major physical and minor magical changes (0 to 2nd level spell once per day) and the third can make unnatural physical changes (the article mentions claws of glass and cloth feathers) as well as adding a moderate magical change (0 to 4th level spell twice per day).

One other source I found some interesting spells to add is Sine Nomine's The Crimson Pandect, a magic supplement for Red Tide.

Invert Plague is a 5th level spell that turns a disease into a mutalistic ally. The recipient regenerates wounds (3/ round) and is immune to diseases and poisons for the duration of the spell (1 round per level). When the spell ends, the disease vanishes.

Leader of the Pack is a 5th level spell. For a vivimancer, it creates a pheromone that affects one species. Every member of that species within 100' treats the caster as one of their own and a leader. They do what the caster wants as long as it isn't suicidal or beyond their nature.

Tailored Venom is a 2nd level spell. It altered an existing poison so that it affects one specific species (this is a change from the spell description).

Tireless March is a 1st level spell and has limitations similar to Slow Metabolism. It allows the recipients to walk without tiring for 24 hours. They can march only for one day per caster level before they need sleep. Trying to overextend is bad for the characters' health.

I would also allow the Detach/Graft, Organ Transferance and Greater Organ Transferance from the necromancer's spells in Theories and Thautamurgy (I don't know why the author didn't do this in T&T).

As for my own creations

Name Bone Seed

Level: 3rd

Duration: permanent

Range: 60'

The caster can create a structure out of bone grown from corpses, stone and/or soil. The basic creation is a wall that is 10' high by 20' long