Spells for the Vivimancer

Derek Holland

want to keep the spell, but make it better. It becomes the plant version of Enhance Trait, a merlane spell I mention below. And I drop it to 2nd level.

Evolve is an 8th level spell that turns animals into anthromomorphic creatures. In effect it turns them into humanoids. It is rather specialized for an 8th level spell (compare with Polymorph Any Object which can do the same and turn the animal into just about any other creature permanently). I would add in plants and drop it to 6th level.

Identify Species is 3rd level. It is meant to figure out what creatures were used in making the specimen. It is almost worthless for natural creatures, but can be quite revealing for vivimancer creations. I would either drop it to first level or allow it to also determine how the monster was created, so that the caster has some idea on how to make their own.

Life Bolt is a 4th level spell and is different from most other vivimancer spells, but still remains within their purview. It uses the caster's life energy to destroy undead. For every d4 points of damage the caster takes, the bolt inflicts d6 points. The undead can save for half damage and the bolt has no effects on the living or objects.

Metamorphose Liquids is a 1st level spell first found in The Tome of Magic. The vivimancer version creates only acellular biological fluids- sweat, saliva, sap, etc. So no blood or semen. A higher level version, say 3rd level, can create living fluids (but not slimes or oozes- they are 5th level).

Organic Disruption is a 3rd level Dark Sun spell meant to destroy the biological machines of a halfling nation. For the vivimancer, it acts like a Fireball that harms only flesh and plant material. Some LLs may want to allow it to slay certain vivimancer creations or monster types if they fail their save.

Rejuvenate is a 5th level Dark Sun spell that restores the land after defiling. For the vivimancer, it is a precursor to Egg of Life. Where that spell creates whole ecosystems, Rejuvenate removes toxins, curses and such from an area. It is something that every vivimancer should use before casting Egg of Life to ensure the new life will take hold.

Sculpt Features is a 3rd level spell that makes permanent cosmetic changes that are not heritable (that requires the 7th level Mutate). One advantage it has over similar spells that make changes is that the recipient never has to make a transformative shock roll (AEC page 5, system shock for AD&D).

Slow Metabolism is a 1st level spell that decreases the need for food and water. It can be used every 12 hours and can stave off hunger and thirst for one day per caster level. After that , the recipient(s) have to eat normally for a week.

Pure Breed is a 10th level Dark Sun spell (a psionic enchantment, thus 10th level). It turns a hybrid into one of its parent species permanently. So a half elf