Spells for the Vivimancer

Derek Holland

A while ago I found Theories and Thautamurgy here: http://the-city-of-iron.blogspot.de/p/publications.html It is a free pdf that includes a trio of new wizard types and many cool spells for LL/AEC. Not suprisingly the class within that got the most attention from me is the vivimancer, a form of magic-user that manipulates life (though the metamagic section almost won out as it is nothing like metamagic feats). Unlike the merlane kit from Dragon 237, the vivimancer can affect plant life and intelligent creatures. Heck, one of the spells summons a plant familiar that lives on or in the master. But like all things, even though the spell selection for the vivimancer is good, it can be made better. So here are some spells I suggest from the 2e Wizard's Spell Compendium, a couple other sources and my own additions. Some may be inappropriate for your setting, but it is easy to okay or deny any or all of them (obviously).

I have written down a list of all the spells in the WSC that alter biology. Because the books draw from many sources, there is a terrible amount of overlap and much isn't balanced towards each other. Mutating a creature can be anything from 5th to 9th level. So I decided to exclude several, those that overlap with the spells the vivimancer already has. Others need a major change because of the nature of the vivimancer, but nothing that changes the purpose of the spell.

Create Tree of Life is an 8th level Dark Sun spell that makes a plant that is resistant to defiling and gives clerics and druids additional spells. In this case, I would make the trees nearly indestructable (immune to energy and regenerates all damage even if cut down to the roots) and provide a vivimancer an additional 3 first level spells and 2 second level spells as long as the caster is in contact with the tree. They don't have to memorise the spells, but rather it allows casting of spells already in memory.

Curse of Lycanthropy is a 6th level spell. It allows the caster to permanently inflict whatever form of lycanthropy they are aware of. With the use of a lab human (see at bottom), the vivimancer can create new forms and release them on the world. With alternates of the lab human, the vivimancer can use this spell to design other forms of lycanthropy- weird stuff like cattle that turn into drakes during the new moon.

Death Spider is an 8th level drow spell. It turns one of the victim's arms into a giant spider. If severed from, or allowed to consume, its host, the spider becomes "real". I think of this like the chest burster from Alien, except the victim may survive the birth of the monster. Vile but it fits with some of the vivimancer spells.

Enhance Plant is a 5th level spell that is lame. It allows the caster to enhance one trait of a non-magical, non-monstrous plant. Why it would be 5th level, rather than 1st, I have no idea. So I