Chris Van Deelen

Chris Van Deelen is the author of the Skirmisher Publishing LLC sourcebook Creatures of the Tropical Wastes sourcebook, co-author of its Wisdom from the Wastelands game supplement and contributor to the 'Sword of Kos: Hekaton' Anthology.

No. Enc: 1 (special)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 180’ (60’)
                     150’ (50’) Swim
AC: 2
HD: 18
Attacks: 6 (bite, bite, claw x4)
Damage: 1d8 / 1d8 / 2d10 / 2d10/ 2d10/ 2d10
Save: L18
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: None

No one is absolutely sure of the origin of these creatures.  There are those who believe that they are just another one of the myriad life forms that were spawned in the radioactive toxins that covered the planet after the fall of the Ancients, while others believe that they are extra-terrestrial in nature. There are even those who believe that they are from another plane of existence.

The origin of these creatures really doesn’t matter, because like many of the mutated monsters that roam the wastelands, these creatures are extremely tough, very hard to kill and downright deadly.

These creatures appear to be a chimera of a dog and a reptile. They are approximately eight feet long (not including the tail) and weigh in at nearly a ton. Their skin is very thick leather and the feet have three talons each. The head is quite reptilian in nature and the creature has four eyes instead of the typical two that are found on the majority of terrestrial creatures. The head is also covered in thick ropey appendages that look almost like tentacles.

These creatures are incredibly fast and are able to cling to most surfaces, and they are also capable of swimming at great speed (although not quite as fast as they are on land).

When engaged in combat, the creature is a virtual killing machine, able to bite twice and attack with four claws every round. Few creatures can withstand the punishment that this monster can deal. Despite the thickness of their flesh, they can be hurt and killed. But that is what makes the creatures even more dangerous.

Where there is one, somewhere nearby is a nest filled with 2d100 eggs, just waiting to hatch. All members of this species are female and capable of laying eggs without mating.

Strangely enough, every time one of these creatures is killed, two eggs hatch. The young develop to full maturity in a matter of a few hours and go hunting for the creature that killed their parent. If the two are killed, then four hatch and so on and so on. The only way to wipe out an infestation of these monsters is to find the eggs and destroy them. They are vulnerable to fire and acid attacks and if the eggs are subjected to these types of attacks, they will be destroyed and the creatures cannot spawn new members if it is killed.

They are vulnerable to fire, and will take double damage from heat based attacks, although if the mature creatures are killed by fire, two more will still spawn. The more of these creatures that are encountered, the worse it is for any would be attackers or defenders, as they begin to use tactics and working together as a group can typically bring down even the toughest opponents.

When a single creature is found, they are typically left alone, if those who find the monster have any inkling of what it is capable of. They are quite content with this and will usually attack creatures around it for food.

Mutations: Aberrant form (multiple body parts: eyes; xenomorphism: Chimera, amphibious lungs), clinging, increased senses (hearing, sight, smell), natural armour, quickness.

Source: Hellboy (2004)