Runequest Thursday #37 - An Infestation of Carcharids!

Clint Staples

Carcharids are shark-like humanoids, named after the Shark God, Carcharias, from which they claim descent. They are beast men, but not Hsunchen like the Telmori Wolf People or the Basmoli Lion Men of Prax. Whether they were once men of Vormain, like the Ratuki Shark Men is not known, but caracharids are not capable of shapeshifting. That many are involved in the worship of various aquatic demons or submarine chaos deities is well known. How they came to be humanoid and able to subsist out of water is not understood.

Carcharids prefer shallow seas with reefs and plenty of fish. However, they are particularly fond of the flesh of merfolk, and seem more than willing to add humans to their diet when the opportunity presents itself. They are faster and more powerful than most fish or merfolk, but not nearly so agile. Thus their preferred method of attack is a fast rush from ambush. If their prey proves dangerous, or more numerous than first it appeared a single carcharid will abandon its meal, ideally allowing the victim to bleed pout and be abandoned by its fellows. But in larger groups carcharids can be much more aggressive, following prey onto land, even raiding settlements of men for prey.

A tenacious group of carcharids have been proving a threat to the livelihood and livestock of Brightwater. They arrived when the Zola Fel River was in flood, but have not returned to the seas as they normally might. The why of this has not been discovered, but a recent altercation at a low island just north of the Five eyes has shown the Brightwater Company where the carcharids are massing. Apparently, their continuing presence in the River of Cradles is related to their membership in a water demon cult working at present in the area. The identity of the water demon is not yet known.

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