Runequest Thursday #15: Market Oddities!

Clint Staples

Last session in my River of Cradles campaign, the Heroes of of the new town of Brightwater, hosted what they hope will be the first seasonal Market for the town. One of the things I worked out for the session was a d100 list of possible trade goods that I could roll from for any trader with whom the character interacted. I also worked out a Special trades list [on a d12] of magical or unusual items, that only certain individuals might possess.

Since we have something of a tradition at for doing d100 lists, I though I would post my oddities for a market here. Although it is obviously of most use to Runequest games, especially those involving Praxians and others of the River of Cradles region, it would not take much to make it suit another purpose. Use these as you see fit, rolling items, stealing ideas, whatever.

Each entry has a description of the item, some of which are quite humble, others less so, and a fair trade value after it in Lunars [the silver coin that is standard for central Glorantha]. If you are playing D&D, or another game using a gold standard, you can just take these values as Gold Piece values. obviously, feel free to adjust the prices to your purposes. If you wish to use my rules for Bargaining, feel free.

If you would rather download the file instead of cutting and pasting from here, you can click on the attachment. 


Praxian tradegoods: roll d100

  1. Arrowstalk mash – good for food, and animal feed, 10L.
  2. Red Camphor dye – favoured by the Lunars, a deep red dye, 50L.
  3. Dreamweed – Causes strange, sometimes prophetic dreams, and headaches, 50L.
  4. Spicegrass powder – cooking spice, not commonly favoured outside of Prax, but popular among tribesmen, 10L.
  5. Blackseed – actually tiny hardened berries, useful against the Creeping Chills. Very bitter, crushed and powdered into milk, 40L.
  6. Fingerstick – soft fleshy pods speed recovery from wounds when made into a poultice, 50L.
  7. Hairflower – herb heplps against the Shakes, 25L.
  8. Inipris – Leaves good against the Wasting Disease, 50L.
  9. Inithi Marforosa – [also called Goodwill] dried cactus flesh, provides relief from itching, 5L.
  10. Iong Flower – eaten, speeds recovery from wounds, 30L.
  11. Liver leaves – liver-colored leaves, when eaten they aid against ingested poison. Also an emetic, 75L.
  12. Silverstrand – thin silky strands of the inner bark of the Silverstalk, aids against Soul Waste, 60L.
  13. Salt. 10 Pound block, 50L.
  14. Hides – both raw and nomad-tanned [these are some of the supplest, butter-soft hides to be found], 5c – 10L. Most are Sun elk, Aurochs, Zebra, Sable.
  15. A finely articulated artificial hand crafted from dragon ivory, platinum, and supple silvery leather. The wrist end is a ball end, obviously intended to fit into a prepared socket, 500L.