Runequest Thursday #11 - Mythos Society Guide to New England Bonus Monster 'Demonic Horse' - Runequestified!

Clint Staples

Any time the victim is asleep, roll The demon horse’s POW or less on d100. On a success it comes to attack the sleeper with a POW. vs. CON check. If it succeeds, it inflicts a nightmare that drains the sleeper of 1d3 CON, which will also reduce their HP.] These CON return at a rate of 1 CON per night. If the victim is attack on successive nights, it may be ridden to death. As an alternative, you might choose to inflict one set of poison symptoms from p. 58 of ‘The Call of Cthulhu RPG’, 6 th Edition.

Underworld Travel – The demon horse can travel from our world to the Underworld at will, or perhaps only at dawn, dusk or midnight. A powerful master could compel it to carry a rider, but should beware if it has ‘Compel Rider’.

Preternatural Vigour - the demonic horse recovers from injury extremely quickly, perhaps restoring itself to health each dusk, or healing 1d10 HP per hour, at the Keeper's discretion.


Mastery of a Demonic Horse:

In order to ride a Demonic Horse with any sort of security and control, a rider must first 'Master' it. This is similar to binding a spirit or elemental, requiring Spectral Combat between the prospective master and the horse. If the master has the means to initiate Spectral Combat [Spiritwalking, or spells or abilities such as Soul-Binder or Demon-Binding, etc] she may do so from a 'safe' distance, even from outside a Warding Circle. If not, she must mount the horse, which will initiate Spectral Combat as per Compel Rider. The Rider must reduce the Demonic Horse's POW to half or below its starting value, then may attempt to Master it by making a further successful attack and devoting 1 Permanent POW to the Bond. if the horse is mastered, it will surrender its true name, and remain under control so long as the master's Characteristic POW is higher than its own. If the master's POW is ever equal to that of the Horse, the demon will become fractious but not rebellious. If the master's Characteristic POW is lower than that of the demonic horse, the demon will rebel at any opportunity, usually by Compel Rider and then riding away wherever it wishes, possibly to the Underworld.