Runequest Bonus Content - The Vengeance Song of Itunkala Wind Khan - Part 1!

Clint Staples

On Friday, the players of my Brightwater Saga game, followed a doomed, cursed Praxian Khan of Orlanth on his Vengeance quest, and began their trek into legend.


If you read my last post, you might remember that Brightwater was holding its first seasonal market. Generally successful, in that the numerous Praxian tribes did not destroy them, they made a little money, and began to build some relationships with other folk in the region, it was also hampered by the appearance of a strong Lunar war party magicked to the gills and ready to fight. Having talked their way out of that, things began to settle down, until Itunkala rode in, sat down at the inpromtu tavern, and proceeded to drink heroically. 

After hours of heavy drinking, which did nothing to alt the Wind Khan's morose mood or his state of un-inebriation, he began to sing his sorrows.

Now at this point I need to give credit to what inspired this interlude. The very fine Fanzine for things Runequest - Hearts in Glorantha, contained a song in Issue 2, itself inspired by a traditional Sioux children's song, by John Harding. I really liked the mood of it, so I altered it slightly to suit my purpose and it became the Trading War Song of Itunkala.

So here is my version, with thanks to John Harding for his version, and to traditional beliefs of the Sioux indigenous people.


Itunkala’s Trading War Song

Ho Wahani! Ho Endrawaha! Friends it has come to pass…

Ash stripes on my face I crave; Blue Sable slaves I crave, the end of

Igmu I crave.

Itunkala , on the raiding trail I ride, Wind Khan of the Warpath.

Behold my steed Washin the bull,

Behold me Itunkala on stomper, snorter, Eiritha’s son! Washin!

Me a man myself riding, me, Itunkala of the Flower Bison, first in war!

Friends, a bone sword I carry to slash my foes, a stone spear I carry to

pierce them.

A sword to cut Igmu of the Blue sables: a spear to pierce the madmen.

Gagarthi, with sword I am coming; Gagarthi, with a spear I am coming:

In a warlike manner I ride!

Igmu your mounts I crave,

Igmu your women I crave,

Blue Sables! Slaves you will be, or fodder!

Friends, The War Trail has glory enough to share,

Who will ride the Black Wind, reap the Sables,

Who will bury them under boulders, confuse their souls,

Who will avenge Wahani, Who Eirithani or Endrawaha!?

Bloody the ground, send them home on the trail of souls,

Sable souls will light their way.


When some of the heroes of Brightwater heard the song, they were intrigued [especially the Orlanthi among them]. When the Wind Khan called on them to aid in his quest, he threw arm rings of silver onto the tables, to buy mounts for any who would follow who were afoot. This was the clincher for many of the heroes, who agreed to follow the Khan. Ughari, the Aurochs shaman among them, attempted to speak to the spirits of Itunkala's wives, who harangued him in the spirit world, but they were little more than shades, with nothing of their persona remaining. The other nomads told him of the doomed, accursed Wind Khan, who has led four previous vengeance parties to their deaths against Igmu, Lord of Wind Hunt, a cannibal and murderer who, scorning the normal strictures of nomad life, devoted himself to Gagarth, the Wild Hunter, daemon of the Upper Air. 


But Ughari's reticence was overpowered by the other heroes, and they went with Itunkala anyway.


Igmu has been aware of Itunkala's quest for revenge, and placed obstructions in his path. Great dust storms blasted them driving them off course or into shelter, steppes ghouls burst from the roiling obfuscation. After trekking into the shadow of Vasala Mountain, the seat of Gagarth's ancient power, the heroes and Itunkala faces Igmu, his band of cannibal cultists, and the Whirlvishes that attend him.

In part one, I present you with the stats for the steppes ghouls. You can find it as a pdf attachment to this post. You can find the write-up for the Whirlvish here.


In part two, I will post stats for itunkala, igmu and his cannibal cultists.