Pseudo Dog

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 2d4 or 2d4 plus 2d6 Blind Dogs and 1d4 Hybrids (see description)
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 210’ (70’)
AC: 4
HD: 5
Attacks: 1
Damage: 2d4
Save: L5
Morale: 10
Hoard Class: None

No one knows where the name came from, because despite the strange nomenclature, these mutants are in fact canines. This mutant creature is larger than most common dogs and yet slightly smaller than a wolf. These creatures are very common in the Ukraine and were said to have originated around the ruins of the Chernobyl power plant that went critical in the late 20 th century. They spread from their point of origin to cover most of Eastern Europe and have largely been domesticated.

Although very fierce appearing, these animals have the same temperament and mannerism of most dogs. They are around five feet from end to end and weigh around 160 pounds. The fur is quite long and shaggy, and changes color slowly to match that of the surroundings they live in, as well as the seasons. This does give the mutant dogs a type of camouflage, which gives them a chance to surprise on a 1-2 on a d6. The lips of the animals are smaller than on other dogs, which gives the creatures the appearance that they are always snarling.

The eyes glow a bright yellow that can be seen during the night, and often un-nerves those who see them. This is actually a mutation that generates a feeling of fear whenever they gaze upon a target. The dog will attempt to gaze at a target. They are allowed a saving throw versus energy and if the save fails, they must flee at their maximum movement rate for 1d12 rounds. If they cannot flee, then the victim falls unconscious for 1d12 rounds.

In combat, any target that has not succumbed to the gaze attack will be set upon by the pack. They will bite and attempt to drag a target to the ground. Any successful bite will end up in Strength versus Strength contested roll, with the dogs having Strength of 16. Other dogs in the pack will be able to add to this roll, with each successful bite adding two to the effective Strength of the dog who first successfully bit.

Anyone pulled to the ground is considered to be prone and much more vulnerable to attacks.  Prone targets suffer from a +2 to AC and a -2 to hit. The creatures will continue to bite (each will have to successfully attack again) in order to try and keep a target prone. At this point any prone targets are considered to be grappled (see Wisdom from the Wastelands issue 11: Optional combat rules ).

They can be quite deadly when encountered in the wild and are often found in the company of Blind Dogs , who these larger and stronger canine mutants tend to lord over. It is speculated that the Blind Dogs and these creatures interbreed, each producing litters of pups that are a mixture of both species. Sometimes hybrids of the