Professions for Mutant Future

Derek Holland

forum for a few examples) that the player selects and the Mutant Lord okays.

Reader- these are the few who can read and write Ancient languages. They are scholars who read books and data files hoping the glean more information about the past. Sadly many can not tell fact from fiction, which isn't suprising considering how far the Ancients got and the state of the world they live in. In addition to being able to read 2 Ancient languages, readers know more about the surrounding world. They can find ruins and locations much faster than others. Reduce travel times to these placed by 20%.

Skirmisher- armies are a thing of the past. Any large grouping of people is just hanging an "Eat Me" sign on their heads to passing monsters. Skirmishers are scouts that fight, sabotage and spy. They suprise on 1-10 on a d12 and are suprised only on a 1 on a d12. They do double damage to some technology (ML's call). Some MLs may also allow them to make explosives, but this is hazardous to their health.

Urban Finder- part gangster, part street rat and part gossipmonger, urban finders are those you hire to find things and people. Some may be willing to take commissions to buy things for their clients but most rather point out a place, get paid and leave the area. An urban finder has a -2 bonus to encounter checks.

If the ML allows, players should be allowed to make their own professions to help customize their characters.