Professions for Mutant Future

Derek Holland

After rereading Barrel Rider's Smith and Scholar pdf, I think professions would be a much easier method of customizing characters in Mutant Future rather than the classes I posted a few months ago. The only class I would retain is the gearhead (those who can tinker with superscience artifacts and not die horribly). I posted several professions for vivimancers in January and I have looked at the idea for several different settings and games. Some of the names I have come up with are fairly lame- you should replace them with setting appropriate ones. Each character takes a single profession, the result of their lives before the campaign starts.

Builder- these characters are what pass for engineers in the wastes. They can examine artifacts and have a better chance of not blowing themselves up and they can build all kinds of useful gizmos from spare parts and junk. Builders have a +15% on their technology rolls and create things in 75% the normal time. The one thing all builders can make very quickly is a still. This is not for booze (usually), but rather to purify water. With the right parts, a builder can make a still in half an hour or so that can supply the needs for up to a dozen people.

Forager- these people are the closest thing to farmers one will find beyond the city walls. They can have gardens but supplement their food, and their allies food, with foraging. They know what parts are edible and which parts will cause someone to grow a second head out of their ankle. Even heavily mutant plants and animals can be identified 50% of the time. Foragers also know how to boost crop yields by 2 to 5 times. This may sound impressive but it is much less than real world farmers with modern gear and techniques. Still, it is enough to feed what people there are as long as there isn't a drought, flood or other disaster.

Hunter- most hunters in the wastes do not actually hunt. Only the best armed and armored will attempt that. The rest are trappers and let technology do the killing at a distance. Hunters can track as per a ranger in the Labyrinth Lord AEC and build traps. The Mutant Lord will have to come up with the rules for what traps can be built with local materials.

Leader- these people are what keep other people in line and sane. They are a mixture of councilor and leader and are the only reason people have survived until now in any state above complete savagry. Leaders have two options. They can either gain 3 additional retainers or they have a +3 to their retainer morale (maximum morale is 11).

Mutant Specialist- some mutations are very handy in certain situations and the mutants that have them milk them for all their worth. The constant use of said mutation allows the mutant to pick up on ways to enhance its use. Mutant specialists gain a free mutation modifier (Wisdom from the Wastelands #20 and the old