Pripyat Chimera

Chris Van Deelen

to find them. The only way to escape from a female bent on revenge is to quite literally leave the continent or the planet!

The cubs stay with the female for up to six years. Once they reach sexual maturity, the young then leave the mother to find their own territory. Despite their ferocity towards other members of their species, siblings and the mother will never come into open conflict with one another, nor will they mate. This is not an issue because the cubs will travel hundreds of kilometers away from their birth-territory to set up individual hunting grounds.

These creatures always set up territory where there is sufficient food to sustain them. As previously stated, they require the flesh of humanoids to survive, and need to eat this type of meat at least once a month or they will begin to starve. For every day that they do not eat humanoid flesh, they require a saving throw versus death or suffer 1d3 points of Constitution loss (use the HD as an indicator). They will continue to suffer from this condition with a cumulative -1 to the saving throw each day until they either die of starvation or successfully kill and feed off the flesh of a humanoid. Once they have fed, their HD will return to normal. Note that they can still feed off other types of food, but require humanoid flesh to survive for any length of time.

In combat these creatures strike with their powerful claws and get two bites per round. If both front claws hit, they are able to use their back legs in a powerful rake attack. This attack is performed with a +4 to hit and if successful will inflict a hideous 9d6 damage!  These mutants can also leap incredible distances in order to reach prey. They can leap up to five times their normal movement speed in a single bound and it is considered a bash attack.  If they successfully hit a target during a leap attack, the target must make a saving throw versus energy or be knocked prone and are subject to the mercy of the mutant monster.

The damage listed for their physical attacks includes the bonus from their increased physical attribute mutation.

Mutations: Aberrant form (xenomorphism), Dual headed, dietary requirement change (humanoid flesh)(d), increased physical attribute (Strength), increased senses (smell, taste, hearing), infravision

Source: S.T.A.L.K.E.R. series of games.