Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 1d6
Alignment: Chaotic
Movement: 180’ (60’)
AC: 3
HD: 6
Attacks: Telekinetic throw (see description) or two punches
Damage: see below, or 1d6
Save: L6
Morale: 8
Hoard Class: I, II, III, VIII, IX

This particular type of mutant had its origins in the ruined wasteland of what had been Russia. As with many creatures found in that part of the world, rumor and speculation has it that they originated in and around the ruins of Chernobyl in the Ukraine, showing up a few decades after the nuclear power-plant went critical.

Over the centuries following the cessation of the final wars, these mutants spread across all of Europe and Asia and it is said that they have been spotted in North America. How they managed to get that far is anyone’s guess.  

These mutants get their name from the fact that most of the time they are completely invisible, and love to hurl objects at anyone intruding into what they consider to be their territory. It is also know that when they are not invisible, they have two forms. The first is when they are using their Neural Telekinesis to hurl objects at a target. When they are using this ability the creatures appear as a ball of blue electricity. The second time is when the creature has been killed. At this point it becomes completely visible.

Physically, these mutants appear to be legless humanoids that hover a few feet off the ground. This is a version of the mutation flight, psionic . They cannot use it to fly. They use it to move around (rather quickly, mind you) since they do not have legs. The torso of the creature is powerfully muscled and the face is misshapen, with a large gaping mouth filled with blunt teeth, two slits for a nose, deeply set eyes and a thick neck that gives it a cobra-like appearance. The difference between the males and females of the species is that the females are slightly smaller, clearly feminine, and have breasts. Both are hairless.

The creature is fully intelligent and capable of speech, but it prefers to terrorize and kill those not of its own species. They do not like to use any sort of weapon, instead relying on their neural telekinesis for both defense and attack, and they have no use for artifacts or treasure, and never keep anything they find, instead they leave it scattered around their lairs to be used as projectiles whenever someone enters.

The creatures mate once per year, the females having the same gestation period as humans. Only a single child is produced and again like humans, reaches sexual maturity between the ages of 10 and 14 on the average.

When engaging in combat, these mutants will lay and wait, using their control light waves mutation to remain invisible. Once a target has presented itself, the creatures will then use their neural telekinesis to hurl objects at the target. This is treated as a ranged attack and the creature will be able to fire 2d3 items per