'Old Bugs' (H.P. Lovecraft d20)

Michael O. Varhola

"Old Bugs," a sanctimonious and ultimately predictable parable by H.P. Lovecraft that is not horror or fantasy and thus does not turn up in many compilations of his, reveals the author's rabid stance against drinking. There is not a whole lot in it worth adapting into game terms but one possibility did stand out and so for this entry I am simply going to pick up one of the Defects that appears in the Skirmisher book  Nuisances and which would seem to apply to the consumption of "liquor and narcotics" that Lovecraft is attempting to warn his readers away from.


Defect: Junkie [General]

A character with this Defect is addicted to some substance that allows them to function normally if taken regularly.

Detriment: Any day a junkie is unable to get an adequate fix, she suffers –2 to all ability scores. Typical habits cost 1 gp per day to maintain, assuming availability of the substance in question (e.g., opium, alcohol). This Defect can be taken multiple times, with effects that stack (e.g., two instances of it would affect all ability scores by –4 and cost 2 gp per day to maintain).