Oddities for a Wizard's Tower

William T. Thrasher
If at Faust you don't succeed...

With the success of 100 Oddities for a Creepy Old House and the completion of Oddities for a Graveyard, it's time for the mystical minds at d-Infinity to turn their attention to a new ever growing, ever evolving list of strange items and encounters. This time we're cataloging oddities for a wizards tower, a place where your adventurers may end up spending the rest of their lives if they aren't careful.

1. Muffled scratching emanates from a nearby wall. The source of the scratching is either a nest of rats or another adventurer sealed alive into the wall.

2. An ornate candelabra resembling a seven-headed hydra, a candle protruding from each upturned head. When approached, the candles light of their own accord. If any candle burns down, the head spits out the stub of candle and the candelabra retrieves a fresh candle from a nearby cabinet.

3. A love letter from a succubus.

4. A small terrarium filled with rocks and moss. Living in the terrarium is a bulbous toad covered in warts. There is an equal chance this is an ordinary toad, a familiar, or an elder wizard cursed into the form of a toad by a jealous student.

5. An ornate chess board with pieces carved from from moonstone and onyx. The pieces are in their starting positions. If a move is made with one of the pieces, one of the opposing pieces makes a countermove. If an illegal move is made, the piece animates, lecturing the player on the proper rules of the game in a condescending tone.

6. A fire crackling away merrily in a fireplace. The fire is actually a fire elemental. If the wood the elemental is burning starts to run low, it will entreat the adventurers to give it something tastier to burn (e.g. antique furniture, a rare tome, sweet herbs, etc.).

7. An astrological star chart hangs from the wall. If observed closely, the stars, planets, and moons on the chart turn slowly, keeping time with the motion of the spheres.

8. A fish tank. The tank has colored pebbles, a tiny replica of the wizard's tower, artificial plants, everything except water. "Swimming" in this dry tank is a fiji mermaid.

9. An empty waste paper basket. The basket follows the adventurers around the room when they aren't looking. If anything is dropped into the basket, the rim of the basket sprouts teeth and greedily devours the item.

10. A carpet made from living grass. The grass is soft and soothing on bare feet and smells sweetly of fertile meadows and pleasant summer days.

And that's just the first ten! We at d-Infinity will be adding to this list in the coming days, and feel free to add your own. How long will it takes to get to 100 oddities for a wizard's tower?