Oddities for a Trinket!

Clint Staples

Have you ever wanted some little oddity on which to hang a character thread, or an entire story arc? In the latest iteration of the world's most popular RPG, you can roll on a Trinket table to get just that. There are 100 trinkets, accessible via a d100 roll for your character. That sounds a LOT like an oddities table already. So here are the first thirty to start the list of 100 MORE Trinkets:


1. A deck of artfully produced playing cards. You have no idea for which game they were produced. On a roll of 3-6 on a d6, you have also have no idea where they came from. 

2. A tiny brass lantern sized for a fairy, complete with oil and a wick.

3. A necklace of delicate little dragon scales. On a roll of 4-6 on a d6, the necklace does not fit you.

4. A silver cloak pin, the head of which is of an unknown stone.

5. A petrified raspberry.

6. A long and elaborate, though not particularly valuable, hairpin, the sharp portion of which is designed to accept a dose of poison.

7. The impressive and obviously deadly claw of an unknown beast.

8. A lead sling shot with a single unknown word scratched into its surface.

9. A monogramed flensing knife.

10. A small bag of purple velvet, from which two dice can always be drawn. These dice always match, but are never the same from one drawing to the next. If the dice are not returned to the bag by the following sunset, the subtle enchantment is forever broken.

11. A small sphere of polished brass. The bauble may be placed anywhere in mid air and it will remain there until reclaimed. If tapped it will return to its position. If struck more forcefully, it will drop to the surface below.

12. An eating spoon, of unusual design, that automatically heats or cools its contents to comfortable eating temperature.

13. A black leather mask with a single eye hole. Roll 1d6: Odd - left, Even - right.

14. A skeletal finger with a silver ring fused into the bone.

15. A set of pan pipes that are seemingly functional, but never issue any sound when blown through.

16. A tiny azure jar of spice, tied shut with a gilded ribbon.

17.  The wizened body of a tiny spider monkey, all of its joints have been replaced by brass hinges.

18. An alabaster sword charm, with a hole in the pommel for a thong.

19. A single shoe of elaborately painted leather, with beads and silver thread. Roll 1d12 for size. Odd - left, Even - right.

20. A silver ring with a tiny silver griffon figurine that will animate and fly as your index finger directs.

21. A monkey skull, engraved with unknown runes, its teeth replaced ones of sharpened bronze.

22. An orb of jet carved into the semblance of an eye, and suitably sized for a human being.

23. A painted or scribed strip of linen, tied around another trinket (roll again).

24. A silver coin, with a smiling profile on the Obverse, and a single finger embossed on the reverse. When flipped, it never lands on the same face twice in succession. 

25. A red velvet pin cushion. If the command word is spoken, it will grow sufficiently to serve as a pillow. It is said that another command word will enlarge the pins stuck in the cushion as well.

26. A braided leather cord, from which depend 1d4x silver rings, each with an obvious attachment point for something that has been detached.

27. A fold of human skin, the interior of which contains a message in an unknown script, and several lines that may be construed as a map.

28. A mummified scorpion, with a single rune painted just behind the eyes.

29. A small brass disk, upon which an unknown rune appears on one face, each time it is flipped.

30. A leash of silvered steel chain links, that ends in a broken link.