Oddities for a Stable

William T. Thrasher
Take your shoes off before you come inside.

Stables are more than a place to water your steeds. It's a place where adventures begin and fantastic secrets hide among the mundane. So in the tradition of Oddities for a Sewer and Oddities for an Abandoned Well, the d-Infinity team is thrilled to present a new ever-growing, ever-evolving list of oddities for a stable.

1. One of the horses in the stable is a pooka wearing an enchanted disguise. It pans to wait till nightfall, then steal the horses and take them on a wild ride through the surrounding countryside, only to return them at sunrise exhausted and thirsty.

2. The stable boy is actually a long lost prince. His chest bares a birthmark eerily similar to his family crest, and assassins lurk everywhere ready to kill any young man they find with similar distinguishing marks.

3. One of the horses has a wound on it's side. The wound is patched with clean linen and treated with healing herbs. However, the wound was caused by a giant wasp the day or two before. In 3d6 hours the horse's abdoment will explode, releasing 2d4 giant wasps.

4. A spirit of filth secretly lairs in a hovel woven from old straw and muck in the rafters of the stable. The spirit feeds on the leavings of horses and unsanitary peasant stable hands. The spirit is not truly malicious, but it's nature causes it to carry several filth-borne diseases and rot organic items with its touch.

5. A white mare stabled in the last stall is actually a unicorn. However, only the innocent, childlike, pure of heart, or insane can see it for what it truly.

6. An old plowshare stored in the stable radiates powerful magic for those who are sensitive to such things. The plowshare was once a legendary sword used by great heroes to slay demon kings, found empires, and rewrite the destiny of the world. After one last grand adventure, the sword had itself reforged into a peaceful tool of agriculture by its last master. The sword is enjoyng its retirement, but in time of direst need it can be restored to its original form to aid heroes worthy of it.

7. A stamping black destrier in the stable is actually a nightmare, a duke of the darkest part of the dream realm banished to the prime material plane by the Lords of Dream.

8. The horseshoe nailed over the stable doors is actually a powerful talisman. Its presence keeps away malicious spirits. Demons and devils cannot pass any threshold below where the horseshoe is hung.

9. The irascible donkey in the stable is actually a lowly weaver transformed into an ass by a fairy curse. He would like nothing more than to return to his true form and steal away the Fay Lady he loves from her ice-hearted Lord.

10. A wandering hero stashed a sizable magical treasure beneath the floorboards of the stable. However, she died at the hands of the cultists she stole it from before she could retrieve it.

That's all for now, but keep checking back as we add to the list, and feel free to add your own. In no time will have another list of 100 original oddities.