Night Hunter

Chris Van Deelen

these mutants love to howl, telling other animals where their personal territory lays. The howls are long and complicated, but interspersed with a strange disconcerting rattle (from the tails).

Many wasteland tribes actively hunt these mutants and kill the adults, but take the eggs and wait for them to hatch. Like many animals, the first creature the newly hatched pups see they bond with and become loyal companions.

Tribals use the pups as hunting companions and guards, although they will never have more than an even dozen due to the animal’s predisposition to form packs of their own.

These same tribes have learned to make use of the creatures toxin as a weapon, coating their primitive weapons with the poison and even creating crude grenade like devices to scatter the toxins in a small area.

Mutations: Aberrant form (chimera, coyote and rattlesnake), increased senses (hearing, smell), thermal vision, toxic weapon, ultravision

Source: Fallout New Vegas (2010)