Night Hunter

Chris Van Deelen

No. Enc: 2d6
Alignment:  Neutral
Movement: 150’ (50’)
AC: 4
HD: 5
Attacks: 1 bite or 1 spit
Damage: 1d6 plus poison or poison
Save: L5
Morale: 5
Hoard Class: Incidental (in lairs)

These mutants are strange. They are in effect a chimera of coyote and rattle snake with a little cobra thrown in for good measure. This has led many of the wasteland scholars to speculate that they were in fact genetically engineered by the Ancients to be used as weapons.

Physically these mutants are slightly larger than the pre-fall coyote, usually being about three feet from nose to rump, and weight about 75 pounds. Unlike their ancestors, they lay eggs, typically a clutch of 6-18 at a time, which incubate for 60 days before hatching into pups.

Females go into heat during January and after mating they find a secure location to lay their eggs. Typically this is a den that is made from a fallen tree, a small cave, ruins, or even the ancient vehicles left to rust and decay in the wasteland.

Due to some quirk or defect that has yet to be identified, only about 25% of the eggs actually hatch into pups. The rest simply decay into a puddle of noxious black goo after two weeks.

The body of these creatures is that of a typical coyote, with thick brown to grey fur. The tail is long and completely hairless, ending in that of a rattle, just like a rattle snakes. The head is also completely hairless and covered in small scales, appearing very reptilian in nature, including a forked tongue, a pair of hollow fangs and snake like eyes.

They live in packs and roam the wastes, just as their ancestors had, in search of food and territory that they can claim as their own. A pack will never have more than twelve individuals, and when the number exceeds this, typically the eldest pair will take up to ten youngsters and split off, creating a new pack and will seek out their own territory.

In combat, these mutants will act like your typical pack dog, herding and circling the prey and then rushing from all sides to bring it down. Their bites are poisonous, (class 5) and although not always fatal, when a target is bitten numerous times they typically succumb to the toxins.  They are immune to their own toxins.

If a target is particularly difficult, they will spit their toxin just like a cobra, aiming for the eyes. This is a ranged attack with the creature suffering a -4 to hit because of the small target. If successful, the target must make two saves. The first is a save against the poison itself (class 5), and the second is the target must roll under its dexterity score or become blinded by the toxin for 2d4 rounds.

The creatures gain their name from their preferred time to hunt. They are nocturnal and have excellent night vision, and combined with their sense of smell are able to track better than most canines.

Like their ancestors,